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Angel Dunnant
03 May 2018 @ 11:15 pm
Thank you for dropping a visit on this LJ

That means it's 'Semi-Friends only', my friend.

About me:
☆ A fangirl and artist
☆ Indonesian, who studies at Malaysia atm
☆ Loves to spazz
☆ Loves doujinshi ♥
following so many anime/manga series
☆ yaoi/yuri/het friendly; though 90% of her head consist of yaoi.
☆ pays attention to random things
☆ has a weird brain
☆ interested in many different cultures

What to be expected from this journal:
☆ media sharing (scans/drama cd/anime) - public
☆ random fangirling/spazz over anime/manga/game/dorama - public/f-locked
☆ random oekaki (will be moved to art journal later) - public
☆ my daily life (including rants) - public and f-locked if it's too personal
CRACK ideas, I mean it.
Icon post, sometimes. - public
☆ Fandom crossovers

[[More Info]]

If you just want to see my arts, I think it's better to join/watch my art journal, xxyume_kakeraxx instead.
Though I tend to give a link to the entry for my f-list =)

I don't mind if you add me, but if you wanted to be added back, please comment here on why you decided to friend me, and how you got to my journal since I'm curious =D Don't worry, I won't bite. I'll also make sure puppy!Halle won't bite you either

Nb: I'm so sorry, but I don't think I wil friend back empty/dead journals and journals that only has entries in the language I don't know, no offense, but I don't see a point in friending such journals ^^;

And if I friend you but you're not adding me after some time (around 1-2 weeks maybe), sorry but I might have to unfriend you. No offense.

Thank you for taking your time to read this =)

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angel dunnant
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Angel Dunnant
21 October 2011 @ 02:26 pm
Scanned from Dengeki Girl's Style for a friend =)

Autumn and Winter only, image heavyCollapse )
Angel Dunnant
23 August 2011 @ 05:08 am
So, last Sunday I went to Kinokuniya with an old friend of mine and purchase things that has drama cd bonus on them ♥ So, I ripped them and actually was thinking of sharing it somewhere, and yet they have it over there already orz

Not wanting to waste the links, I'll just share it here :3


Brother's Conflict + Satou-kun and Tanaka-sanCollapse )

Do comment when taking~
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Angel Dunnant
23 April 2011 @ 03:29 pm
My first LJ update after decades ended up being the weird dream I had recently...

About me nowadays, well, real life had been busy, especially since I started my second training at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur. The place is really nice since it has a lot of facilities for staffs, and the staff canteen looks like a restaurant inside malls *A*

So, this is a dream I had when sleeping inside their bunkroomCollapse )

On the fandom side... I'm so left behind orz. Nowadays I only downloads batch torrents, and the newest anime I watch is Star Driver ep 14-25. For manga, I only follow updates of the ones I followed before. If there's a new manga I'm reading, that would be Undertaker Riddle because it kinda remind me of Kuroshitsuji lol. Drama cds... Well, recently I only download Starry Sky related drama cd, other than that.... Ahaha... *sigh*
Angel Dunnant
17 March 2011 @ 12:08 pm
Like you know, Japan had been hit by the earthquake and followed by more disaster. I'm sure we all want to do something, providing any support we can do.

Just this morning, a friend of mine invited me to this project on Facebook. I think it's something we all would be able to do.

Project Hitori Jyanai

Shoujiki Shindoi is having a project to encourage and help restore the spirits of the people in Japan. To participate in Project Hitori Jyanai (You are not alone), all you have to do is

1. Write a ‘one-line’ encouraging message on a paper (A4 size is good). You can write it in Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji or Romaji) , English or in your native language. Remember to keep it short! And if you're writing in your native langua...ge, please include a translation either in English or Japanese on the message.

2. Take a picture of you holding the message. Make sure the message is visible.

You can take it anywhere or with anyone. You can go solo or do it as a group. Take it at a landmark of your country...Feel free to be creative.

Also, you can take the photo vertically or horizontally. There’s no need to be uniform. If you feel that words can’t express your thoughts, feel free to draw it out. Just don’t forget that the message/drawing has to be visible

3. After taking your photo, e-mail it to[ shoujikishindoiprojects@gmail.com ] by the 23rd of March (Wednesday, JST 11:30PM). Go and take a photo this weekend! We need your photographs as soon as possible.

What will my team do with those photographs? We’ll compile every photographs into a slide show or video. So please let your family friends know and get them to participate in this project. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


Please support this project. Thanks :)
Angel Dunnant
Copy paste from a facebook group I did this translations for. Want to make a proper list of my translations so far =w=


T/L: To be honest, I couldn't catch a few things in this track and replaced it with some other words that would fit well. Do tell me if you found them not correct.

Few fact that matters in this track

- Shirogane sometimes called Tsubasa "Edisson-kun" because Tsubasa loves to invent things, and he called the girl as "Madonna-chan". He also call Hayato as "Banchou", maybe due to the fact that Hayato actually controls the situation most of the time. And the girl is called Syoki/Shoki in the Student Council, which means Secretary.

- The student council used "Nuinui-sir!" in place of "Aye-aye, sir!"

- First years wear green ties, Second years wear red ties and Third years wear blue ties

- Gibu = Give Up. (in Japan it's read as Gibu Appu)


And there Tsubasa's invention goes haywire againCollapse )


(*) don't know what this part means and I totally made that up and fit it in.
Angel Dunnant
27 September 2010 @ 07:37 am
Just a mini guide since I think I should do this XD;;
Some of them are not complete as I'm doing this while re-playing some of the maps. And I can't read some of the Kanjis, so yeah /sob

Playable characters, Voice list, Maps+Shop items, and some TheatresCollapse )
Angel Dunnant
24 September 2010 @ 04:23 am
boring boring hectic daily lifeCollapse )

Schedule-wise, I was so amazed that I didn't faint in class because I lacked of sleep A LOT. I kept waking up with a pain on my neck because I kept falling asleep on wrong positions in the middle of doing my assignments. At least I survive it, despite of this never ending coughing I'm having now and back pain, and some more premonition of flu coming up. /sob

Onto gaming life (because my anime life is kinda... left behind for now /swt), I finished B's Log Party just now, done with all the mini games and unlocked Nero! XD What I need to do now is collecting all the voices from the shops available in the maps. Going for Hakuouki guys first of course LOLOL

And there's this voice collection of Saitou that kept me laughing every time I listened to it. (is this considered a spoiler? Or maybe a teaser and a push for those who haven't played this game =p)

デートに話って (Talking on a date)
"Tomorrow I'm going out. ...No, I won't be alone. ...No, it's not like that.
Yeah, going out tomorrow. Maybe coming back late.
Since there's a lot of walking involved, preparing two bentos.... What's wrong?
It's my share and yours though... What are you angry about?
I'm talking about us going out together tomorrow. Do you dislike it that much?"


I think I should be finishing this game up soon, and while doing so I'm downloading Durarara 3-way stand off PSP now. Right after I finished downloading it, I'll move to it straight away XD~
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Angel Dunnant
19 September 2010 @ 03:11 am
As in, what a roller coaster two days.Collapse )

Now, on fandom side. I finished all the maps in B's Log Party~
This game is quite fun for me, favorite characters to use are the Hakuoki ones for me XD
Now still struggling with Rose up, the LV.5 of this mini game in the gallery part is annoying as hell with only 4 points difference that always fail me in finishing it. I can't even imagine how I will do in the quiz mini games /SOB

Other random fact, there's a possible chance that my brother watched Ikouku Irokoi Romantan /facepalm. Whether he watched to the end or he watched half-way then got scared the hell out on the you-know-what part and delete them, IDK. But I found the two episodes in his old laptop(which is in my possession now, thus explains why I can racksack his folders)'s recycle bin, which comes from the download folder. So... yeah, kinda something I wished I didn't see ==; ...........Just don't tell me he watched it because I mentioned it on twitter or something. OTL
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Angel Dunnant
12 August 2010 @ 01:04 am
I'm supposed to be asleep because I have class in... 8 hours. But this amusing shindanmaker thing is just too interesting

FYI, I got 『ヤンデレでヘタレ攻め』です。 , Yandere de Hetare seme. This actually might the first time I got seme, coz usually I got uke lolol. And the yandere part too /roll *not denying the hetare part*

Then, I'm just curious and tried my brother's twitter username... and the result is kind of unexpected... He got Kichiku de Do-S Uke and I went /ded

And then~ too curious self tried it out with.... bots usernames. Hahaha *totallyhavenothingbettertodo*

beware, you might break your brainCollapse )

brb collecting pieces of my brain

sorry I don't translate them, too sleepy atm orz. Actually if you looked for translations word by word through either google translate or wiktionary, you should be able to understand them all.
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